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Swamp Blood (Kindle and ePub)

Swamp Blood (Kindle and ePub)

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After Jesse Yates’s “Terror in the Tunnel” news video goes viral (Book 1, Death’s Door), the Palm Court crew is hired to handle a brutal organized crime family that has taken control of a small Alabama town.

Too bad the agents from Mobile aren’t familiar with local lore. Rome City is no ordinary town—its history and people carry the malevolent genes of an inbred clan of swamp dwellers.

Ancil Gagnon rarely leaves his remote cabin in the vast Mobile-Tensaw Delta wilderness. But he considers himself the clan’s torch-bearer, ready and willing to show up when the domesticated townsfolk need to have their problems disappear.

Taking a case brought by a Rome City local gets Palm Court’s boss Ernie Donovan involved in a blood feud that could cost his crew their lives. With one of his agents out of commission and another who tries to warn him off, it’s Yates, the ex-Navy SEAL with the skills and experience to handle just about anything, that Donovan turns to.

But what Yates finds in Rome City is turf far unlike that of Iraq and Afghanistan. He, along with the rest of the Palm Court crew in the vintage motel they affectionately call World Headquarters, quickly find out that their own turf is facing Armageddon. This is Book Two in the Jesse Yates/Palm Court Detectives series.

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