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Death's Door (Kindle and ePub)

Death's Door (Kindle and ePub)

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Elite combat veteran Jesse Yates is used to things being simple: find the enemy and kill him. But at a point where 9/11 seems to have become a distant memory to everybody but him and his team, Yates opts out of the military. Now he just wants to be a regular guy and fit back into society. But he’s not a regular guy, and he has come home to a stressed-out America where every act seems to involve a risky set of consequences.

Yates needs a job, and Palm Court Detectives, run by an ex-Jesuit priest in a vintage motel, can provide the two things he wants more than anything right now—a close-knit team like the one he had in the military, and a chance for the occasional thrill.

Yates could have hoped for a better first assignment than getting behind the wheel of a big rig to draw out hijackers, but he’s not the kind of guy who questions his marching orders. Devotion to duty and supreme confidence soon drive the rookie private eye into the middle of a turf war between outlaw bikers and a drug cartel renegade with a severe Jesse Yates problem.

The used-to-be Navy SEAL gets drawn into a toxic plot so fast and so deep that every move he makes is a crap shoot based on pure instinct. When he finds himself on the ride of his life with potential for massive civilian casualties, he’s going to have to make one more precise decision, then fall back hard on his extreme training and lethal skills. But in this fight, for the first time, he’s on his own. This is Book One in the Jesse Yates/Palm Court Detectives series.

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