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Dead Hero (Kindle and ePub)

Dead Hero (Kindle and ePub)

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News of a murder hasn’t spread through Mobile so fast since the day Kennedy was assassinated. Adam Becker, hometown baseball star with a six-million-dollar contract and major league debut in the offing, left dead in a parked car with a bullet hole in his head.

Ten months later the case is still unsolved and the cops are sitting on their hands. Becker’s sister Cheryl is sure she can uncover a nugget to get the investigation moving again, and she’s sure she can do it herself. But she wants someone to watch her back while she does it.

She doesn’t approach it by the book—the book as laid down by Palm Court Detectives boss Ernie Donavon. But she manages to end up with one of his agents, ex-Navy SEAL Jesse Yates, as her watchdog.

It’s a long shot, but when Cheryl finds that an old girlfriend of Adam’s was never contacted by the police, a new lead opens up in the shape of the enigmatic multi-millionaire, new in town, with no past, no shortage of money, and a couple of dangerous house guests enjoying his spectacular riverside estate.

Sure that the mystery man holds the key, Yates goes undercover and gets himself hired as bodyguard. He is soon so deep in treacherous territory that getting out is going to be a crapshoot requiring all his lethal skills and battle experience.
This is Book Three in the Jesse Yates/Palm Court Detectives series.

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